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Choosing Your Cabin

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A glass-like pond next to the lovers leap honeymoon cabin at custer state park

A Little Lingo to Learn

A few old state & national park terms combined with new cabin expansions & updates keep guests on their A game when searching for their perfect cabin or lodge room. We encourage all guests to thoroughly review the online listings & descriptions, and we welcome calls at any time. Read on and it all becomes pretty simple; and even a little gratifying.

What is a Housekeeping Cabin?

Contrary to what one may infer from the name, our housekeeping cabins do offer resort housekeeping service. The term "housekeeping cabin" dates back many years throughout different state & national park lodges. The term is used to differentiate between a cabin that is set up for an extended stay (featuring a kitchen or kitchenette) versus one that is set up for sleeping-only (thus named a "sleeping cabin").

A third cabin category that is unique to park systems is the "camping cabin". Camping cabins offer no private bathrooms, and no amenities or bed linens. All Custer State Park camping cabins are rented through

Beautiful Cabin shot on the granite rock of Sylvan Resort.

How to Choose the Right Cabin

In Spring of '23, we launched our new website, which has received tremendous feedback from our guests as they navigate through all of the unique resort lodging options in the park.

For 2024, room & cabin amenity details have been expanded; with more information regularly being added. And to help you filter through your options, we have added a new search by kitchen/kitchenette feature; search by patio/deck/porch/balcony; or search by pet-friendly on the Cabins page.

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Aerial view of the cabins around the state game lodge at custer state park

Booking a Sleeping or Housekeeping Cabin

These days, the term "sleeping cabin" or "housekeeping cabin" is generally still applicable. It remains true that our Housekeeping Cabins offer at minimum a kitchenette, or even a full kitchen.

But as we beautify and update, some sleeping cabins have since had kitchenettes added to them (making the Log Sleeping Cabins at Blue Bell Lodge a little bit of an insider's secret) and other cabins like our Tatanka Cabin offer full kitchens, but simply never took on the terms when they were built.

Still a little muddy? We are here to help.

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Updates & Renovations

Winter is our time to update, maintain and refresh. 2022-2023 brought the new Sylvan Lake Wedding Deck, rebuilt Sylvan Store, rebuilt & renovated Sylvan Lodge Rooms, updated Creekside Lodge Rooms, and renovated Blue Bell Lodge Cabins.

New for 2024

The 2024 season brings the final finishing touches to the new Sylvan Lake Lodge Rooms, State Game Lodge Cabin updates, and the State Game Lodge Hotel Rooms full interior renovations. We have also made updates to staff dormitories, added watercraft launchers to the decks at Sylvan Lake and Legion Lake, updated Blue Bell Store, and installed new RFID door lock systems throughout the resort.

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