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Front of a lodge at Custer State Park Resort

Pet Policy

Our lodge rooms and cabins are situated in historic Custer State Park and it is our utmost goal to protect and preserve this beautiful place. Please read our pet policy before you head to visit us to understand where and if pets are welcome.

Pet Policy for Custer State Park Resort Lodge Rooms

Custer State Park Resort Lodge rooms at Creekside Lodge, State Game Lodge, and Sylvan Lake lodge are not pet-friendly, with the exception of Guide Dogs. We responsibly rent these units pet-free to protect guests with allergies & other medical conditions.

If pets or evidence of pets are found in a lodge room that was not pre-approved to be rented with a Guide Dog, there will be a minimum fee of $200 cleaning fee at check-out, with the final amount charged at the discretion of the general manager.

Pet Policy for Custer State Park Resort Cabins

Quiet, housebroken dogs or cats (maximum of 3) are welcome in select pet-friendly cabins at Custer State Park Resort. Staff must be informed that you will be bringing a pet upon making your reservation. (If booking online, the "Yes" checkbox must be selected when prompted). The pet fee will be charged at check-in/check-out.

The pet fee for 2024 pet-friendly cabin stays is $25 per pet/per night. Pets must be declared at registration.

If we are not informed about pets staying in your pet-friendly cabin, you will be subject to a $200 minimum fee at check-out, plus the appropriate nightly pet fees, with the final amount charged at the discretion of the general manager.

Please note that the following cabins do not allow pets, with the only exception being Guide Dogs.

State Game Lodge:

  • Reunion cabin
  • Tatanka cabin
  • Lover's Leap cabin
  • Gamekeeper's Cabin
  • Creekside Cabin
  • Custer Ranch House

Sylvan Lake Lodge:

  • Cathedral Spires cabin
  • Honeymoon cabin
  • Senators cabin

Blue Bell Lodge:

  • Ponderosa Cabin
  • Commissioners Cabin
  • Honeymoon Cabin

Legion Lake Lodge:

  • Galena cabin
  • Centennial Cabin

Additional Policies

To be respectful of the wildlife and for all visitors' safety, pets are not allowed on any Custer State Park Resort activity, with no exceptions. This includes the Chuckwagon Dinner and the Buffalo Jeep Safari.

Pets are not allowed in any resort locations or inside in the restaurants where food is being served; guide dogs only.

  • Pets are not to be left unattended at any time; whether inside or outside.
  • Guests are advised that the risk for a nuisance penalty is extremely high when pets are left alone in a new environment. Kenneling is required while the pets are inside the cabins for extended periods of time. Pets are not allowed on furniture.
  • To follow state park guidelines, all pets must be on a leash no longer than 6 ft. at all times when outside and are never to be left unattended.
  • Cabin damage due to pets will be charged at the discretion of the general manager, with a minimum fee of $250.

If staff are alerted about excessive barking, we will contact the owner by going to the cabin or making one attempted phone call. If the disturbance continues unresolved, a minimum of a $250 nuisance fee will incur and grounds for removal may be discussed.

  • With the exception of Guide Dogs, for any pet or evidence of pets found in the lodge rooms or cabins that do not allow pets, there will be a $300 cleaning fee per night minimum, plus any applicable damage fees. We responsibly rent these units pet-free to accommodate guests with allergies, auto-immune diseases & other medical conditions.
  • If you bring a pet and did not inform our staff prior to check-in, there will be a minimum fee of $200 fee at check-out, plus applicable nightly pet fees, with the final amount charged at the discretion of the General Manager.
Mountains next to Custer State Park Resort

Policy For Custer State Park

Our Lodges and cabins are located within Custer State Park which is operated by South Dakota Game, Fish, & Parks. Please refer to their pet policy prior to exploring the park and campgrounds.

Park Policy