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Reasons Guests Love Our Buffalo Safari Jeep Tours

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Buffalo Safari Jeep Tours

Ready to embark on a thrilling adventure through the heart of Custer State Park? Top off your experience at Custer State Park Resort with our unforgettable Buffalo Jeep Safari. With a thrilling expedition through the park’s Wildlife Loop and exclusive back roads, you can witness the untamed beauty of our free-roaming buffalo, breathtaking natural landscapes, and the vast wildlife that calls our park home.

Where We Can Go

Our 18-mile-long Wildlife Loop encircles nearly half of Custer State Park’s 71,000 acres. Sometimes, the herd can be seen bounding through public roads - the best part about our park! During those moments, our Jeep Tours simply offer a guide and an open-air vehicle to get to them. But plenty often, the herd travels further into the interior acreage of the Wildlife Loop - which is inaccessible unless you are in one of our state-approved Jeep Wranglers. Our Jeeps have approved access to nearly 2x more miles than the Wildlife Loop alone.

Map of the Wildlife Loop in Custer State Park in South Dakota

Unparalleled Experience

Custer State Park Buffalo Safari Jeep Tours offer an extraordinary opportunity to witness some of our herd of 1,300 buffalo roaming freely in their natural habitat. Experience the thrill of searching for free-roaming buffalo, pronghorns, elk, coyotes, burros, bighorns and more grazing peacefully or strolling across the vast acreage of the park.

Expert Guides

Our guides are knowledgeable and passionate about the herd, park history, and wildlife happenings. By working directly with our park rangers, Park management & the herd manager, they keep a daily pulse on the buffalo, on updates to herd management and happenings, and where wildlife were last spotted.

Informative & Educational

How did Custer State Park's herd grow from 36 original bison? How did burros end up on the Wildlife Loop? Where was President Coolidge's escape tunnel located when he named the State Game Lodge his "Summer White House"? Our guides are Custer State Park guests' resource on not just the wildlife, but the history of Custer State Park.

Not Limited to the Wildlife Loop

  • Tours are kept to 1.5-2 hours (barring any buffalo jams!) to keep you on track and back to the rest of your vacation
  • Get directly to the latest-known location of the wildlife
  • Exclusive access to Custer State Park private interior two-track roads. Even when the animals are not along the Wildlife Loop, our Jeeps can get you closest
  • Custom stretch Jeep Wranglers provide comfortable standard vehicle forward-facing bench seating and open-air viewing
  • Jeeps seat up to 7 adults, or 8 total if at least one child is in the group
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Kick it Up a Notch

Want to take it to the next level? Book a Jeep & Cookout Combo activity, where your Jeep ride is followed by a Chuckwagon steak cookout with live entertainment. Or, explore additional options for the Jeep Safari like the Sunrise Safari and the Scenic Tours of Needles Highway or Iron Mountain Road.

Witness the spirit of the Great Plains come alive through our Buffalo Jeep Safari Tours. Book Online today and save an additional $10 on your booking with our promo code WELCOME (must be used when making your online reservation). Applicable through the 2023 season.