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Filming and Photography

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Drone view of Custer State Park Lodging

Custer State Park Welcomes Filming and Photography

With all the discussion surrounding filming restrictions in national parks, knowing where it’s okay to capture on camera might be a little tricky. To make your experience less daunting we’ve outlined the need-to-know information.

Our leisurely park guests are welcome to capture memories while they're here without a permit. We encourage sharing experiences with friends and family on social media.

However, individuals looking to film or photograph for commercial purposes need a permit. Don’t worry though, our permit process has been streamlined for speed and affordability.

How to Get a Permit for Commercial Purposes

In this context “commercial purposes” means monetization or the intent of generating income. If that’s not your goal, go ahead and snap some shots for your personal scrapbook. It’s most likely that everyone else from influencers to videographers will need one of our affordable permits.

Applicants submit information to South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks for approval, which is typically granted within a few days. Assessment is based on potential impacts and park rule compliance. This is meant to be a simple, affordable process and we’re happy to help however we can.

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Buffalo roaming in the fall

Stay for Vibrant Views in Custer State Park

You could capture so many amazing shots in just a few days. Some of the most picturesque places in Custer State Park are along scenic drives in the Hills. Sought-after experiences offer once-in-a-lifetime shots for those who like to take their cameras to the wild side. Take a look at the following picture-perfect opportunities.

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