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Family Donates $1M to Custer State Park

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Members of the SDPWF with the Daugaards

South Dakota Public Broadcasting announced that a Sioux Falls foundation, the James and Eloise Elmen Foundation, is donating $1 million for a new visitor center at Custer State Park. SDPB wrote:

A Sioux Falls foundation is donating $1 million to help construct a new visitor center at Custer State Park. The grant comes from the James and Eloise Elmen Foundation.

Governor Dennis Daugaard calls it a substantial gift to constructing a $5 million world-class visitor center.

"With this donation, they’re making sure that we’ll have a visitor center in Custer State Park that both the people of today and the next generation will say, ‘Oh wow!’ – just like they say ‘Oh, wow!’ when they see Mount Rushmore and when they see Crazy Horse," Daugaard says. "The end result of this donation will be a visitor center that will inspire and motivate people to live life with enthusiasm, appreciation, kindness, gratitude and generosity."

Daugaard says the Elmen Foundation has donated to countless community projects and statewide efforts including restoring bridges along the Mickelson trail and establishing Good Earth State Park.

The leader of the South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation says the organization can use this grant to raise an additional $800,000 for the project. The foundation dedicated $2 million to the Custer State Park visitor center last year. Members committed to seeking another $3 million in private funding.

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