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A Heartwarming Story from Blue Bell Lodge Stables

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In the tranquility of Custer State Park Resort's Blue Bell Lodge Stables lies a remarkable story of redemption and resilience embodied by a horse named Isaac. At the heart of this equine haven, we are committed to giving horses like Isaac a second chance at life. Our mission is not only to provide a safe and loving home for these majestic creatures but also to share their incredible journeys with the world.

A Second Chance at Life

Isaac's tale is one of hope amidst adversity. Rescued from a South Dakota kill pen, he arrived at the Blue Bell Lodge Stables in 2015, a horse once wild and unmanageable. However, through patience, care, and unwavering dedication, Isaac transformed into a beacon of gentleness and trust. His remarkable journey from fear to affection is a testament to the profound impact of a nurturing environment.

Beloved by Children

Isaac's incredible transformation did not stop there. Today, he stands as the #1 kid horse in our stables, capturing the hearts of children aged 12 and under. His cool demeanor, kind disposition, and predictability make him the perfect companion for young riders. Isaac has an exceptional ability to make kids feel comfortable in the saddle, instilling confidence and a love for riding. It's no wonder that everyone who rides him wants to return for another adventure.

Care Beyond the Ordinary

At Blue Bell Lodge Stables, our commitment to equine care goes above and beyond. We take pride in providing specialized attention to horses with unique needs, such as digestive problems and health issues. Isaac, in particular, requires a special diet due to his overbite, which makes chewing a challenge. Despite this, our dedicated team ensures he receives the nutrients he needs, combining a balanced diet with access to grass and hay.

The Best of Friends

Isaac's heartwarming story is made even sweeter by his unbreakable bond with Ben, another quarter horse at the stables. These two inseparable friends share every pasture and moment together, proving that companionship is a vital part of a horse's life. Whether in the winter pasture or the evening fields, Isaac and Ben are a testament to the deep connections that can be forged in the world of horses.

Forever Home and Forever Grateful

Isaac's journey is one of triumph over adversity and a testament to the power of love and care. At the Blue Bell Lodge Stables, we are proud to provide him with a loving forever home. His story serves as a reminder that, with compassion and dedication, even the most challenging circumstances can lead to incredible transformations. Isaac's presence continues to brighten our stables, reminding us of the incredible bond between humans and horses.

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Explore Custer State Park on Horseback

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Come meet our beloved horses, Isaac and Ben, at Blue Bell Lodge Stables in Custer State Park Resort! These remarkable companions have captured hearts with their inspiring bond, and now, they're waiting to share their world with you. Join us for a guided trail ride through the picturesque landscapes of Custer State Park, where you can create your own cherished memories on horseback. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a first-timer, our stables welcome all ages. Book your trail ride today and embark on a journey of a lifetime with Isaac, Ben, and the breathtaking beauty of South Dakota's wilderness.

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