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Kayaks tied up to a dock

Watersport Rentals

Our canoe, kayak, and SUP board rentals are specifically selected for travelers of any skill level to be able to enjoy the intimacy of Custer State Park's lakes. Available at Legion Lake Lodge and Sylvan Lake Lodge.

Boat Rentals on Sylvan Lake and Legion Lake

Clear waters, sandy beaches, picturesque rock outcroppings, and hiking trails that circle the lake—you could spend all day here.

We believe that your time on the lake should be easy, so boats will be loaded and ready. Our dockhands are available to help you or your family members hop in, if you'd like. Worried about tipping? Our inventory is beginner-friendly, so novices are safe and welcome.

Not sure which craft is your style? Rent by the hour and trade out as much as you'd like. Just check your final boat back in to the dock when your time is up.

Return to the store for a post-trip snack, meal, or shopping spree. Custer State Park's picturesque lakes await.

Boat Rental Details

Fist-come, first-served. Rental hours follow the Lodge store hours throughout the season. Check-in at Sylvan Store or Legion Lake Lodge. Fun for all ages! Lifejackets provided.

At a Glance

  • Available at Legion Lake Lodge and Sylvan Lake Store
  • Kayak rentals
  • SUP board rentals
  • Canoe rentals

Rentals are per person, by the hour. Try them all! Based on availability.

Canoes (up to 3 people)

1-Person Kayaks

2-Person Kayaks

SUP Boards (single person)

Stop in at Legion Lake Lodge or at Sylvan Lake's General Store. Reservations are first-come, first-served. Valid ID required.

Rentals are per person, by the hour. Try them all! Based on availability.

2024 Rates

Half Hour: $12 per person

Hour: $20 per person

Half Day: $80 per person

Life jackets are provided. All persons under 18 years of age must have an adult sign for the rental and adult supervision while in the water.

Inclement weather may affect rental availability, at the discretion of the Lodge.

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